"A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided." ~Robert Brault
What is Custody?

Custody (or “legal custody,” as some people call it) is the legal responsibility for primary care of a minor. Custody includes the primary right to make decisions with respect to the child’s care, education and upbringing. Custody refers mainly to decision-making authority, not parenting time.

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Oregon Child Support

Raising and supporting children is always a challenge. Being a single parent is even harder. Every day the Oregon Child Support Program helps more than 450,000 parents provide the financial and emotional support their children need while returning crucial funds to the public treasury.

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Stahancyk, Kent & Hook

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook’s attorneys are some of the best in the family law field, specializing in all matters related to divorce, custody and estate planning. Regardless of the attorney’s hourly rate ($150 – $450), each of SK&H’s clients is afforded these free services:

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